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Laser scorevendredi

Wednesday 04.02 : 

Today the breakfast bring a lot of points and the riddles too. We are waiting for your score during the classes, indeed this points are not taken in account tonight. 

1st : 201 POINTS Griffindor is on the top tonight thank to the riddles and their participation during the tuesday's classes.

2nd : 189 POINTS Hufflepuff is on the second place tonight, it won 83 points today !

3rd : 179 POINTS Ravenclaw stay on the 3rd place, winning 74 points thank to the classes with Mrs Bourdoncle and the riddles's answers.

4th : 173 POINTS Slytherin is very close to the third place with only 6 points ! They have the best participation score for the riddles today (60 points).

Tuesday 03.02 : 

1st : 110 POINTS : Hufflepuff is on the top to the draw with Griffindor ! Today you got 60 points thanks to the riddles.

1st :110 POINTS : 55 points with the riddle allows Gryffindor to go on 1st place tonight (Shared with Hufflepuff!)

3th : 105 POINTS : Ravenclaw won 45 points today ! 

4th : 90 POINTS : Today Slytherin got 55 points thanks to the riddles, good job !

 Monday 02.02 :

1st : 65 POINTS Sorry my mistake it was 60Points :

Ravenclaw is on the top this evening, thank to the riddle's answers (20pts) and it victory thank to the film (40pts) !

2nd : 55 POINTS : Gryffindor get 30pts thanks to the riddles and 25pts with the quizz

3th : 50 POINTS : Hufflepuff get the highest score for the riddles (35pts) and 15pts thanks to the quizz

4th : 35 POINTS : Slytherin won 20 thanks to the riddles and 15 with the quizz !

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