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There will be two riddles per day, one in the morning one in the afternoon.

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The riddles will be published on this page every day!

We wish you good luck and good thinking!

The English Week Team.


1- Sherlock Holmes jump out of a house with 5 floors but he arrives on his two feet without hurting himself.. How did he do this ?

He jumped from the first floor 

Congrats England, you win 20points.

2- A greemlins have something in his pocket, but his pocket is empty ... What does he got in his pocket ?

A hole

Congrats Wales, you win 20points.

3- What is in the middle of glasgow?

It is the "S"

Congrats Wales, you win 20points.

4- My First is a cold, French season's name, my second is a place where you can swim. My whole is a city of England...


Congrats Wales, you win 20points

5- What Amstrong's death refer to in the poeme?

"Four little nigger boys going out to sea
A red herring swallowed one, and then there were three."

Congrats Ireland, you win 20points.

6- A French Singer talked about this province in one of his famous song, what landscape was he singing about?


Congrats Wales, you win 30points

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