We are honored to reveal you the theme of this new edition : James Bond ! During this crazy week, you will be split in different teams, 001, 002, 003, 004. Each team is divided in under teams and belongs to the James Bond's universe : the Spy Team, the James Bond Girl Team, the Bad Guy Team and the Gadget one !

Theme of the week :

James Bond works as a team. His faithful co-team members ; his James Bond Girl, the scientist which makes gadgets always more futurist and outstanding for his missions. There is also the expert of the missions which cares about the strategies implemented for it.

This team is fighting against a bad guy who always does everything he can to eliminate James Bond and his partners.

Unfortunately, the James Bond's team is aging, and they are not as productive and innovative as before. That is why James Bond is calling you to create his new team : fresh, young, talented, and ready to fight against a new bad guy.

You will be split in 4 teams (001, 002, 003, 004), themselves split in 4 subteams : Team Spies, Team James Bond Girl, Team Bad Guys and Team Gadgets (scientists).

Your team will be in competition against the others.

At the end of the week, we will elect the best one which will succeed to the actual one. The winner team will be the one which have gained the most points at the end of the english week.

As you understand, the winning team, who will replace the actual one, will be the one who have gained the most points ,thank's to different activities, along the week.

Each subteam will be divided into groups of 13 or 14 students from TC1 and TC2.

James Bond will help you every day during the week, on this web site, but not only, to ear point for your team.

The MI6 is counting on you to be the new team, be good !




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