You must shoot the video with your workgroup (TC1 & TC2 mixed).


The subject of your video will depend about your under team. You will have to film “a day in the life of” : JB girls, spies, bad guys and scientists, from the beginning until the end of day.

For example you can present it like mini scenes of the evolution of the day (breakfast, work, …). Be original !


Guidelines :

  • The video will have to last between 4.30 and 5 minutes.

  • The format must be WMV or MP4 exclusively.

  • Each person in the group must appear in the video.

  • TC2 must speak more than the TC1 because they are the only ones who will be marked


Do not hesitate to use accessories and clothes, to make it more realistic ! As goods TCs, we count on you for humor !


A selection of the best videos will be shown in the amphi on Friday 4th February during the ceremony. The best one will be awarded !


You will have to give us back your video on Thursday 3dr February. We will wait for you in room 122 between 5p.m and 6p.m

WARNING! THIS WORK WILL BE MARKED for the TC2 SO DO NOT FORGET TO RESPECT THE DEAD LINE!!! You will be noted on: originality, quality of scenario, language skills and fluency, promotional tone, good slogan, good acting, dynamism, visual quality.

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