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         You have only one go per workgroup team, your first answer will be the last, so think well about the solution...!

       There will be two riddles per day, in the morning you have to guess a part of a formula which will be complete at the end of the week. On the afternoon riddles will be more classical and both are the opportunities for you to score points for your House.


Monday afternoon : 

            Dobby lives on the 21st floor. He takes the elevator every morning to go to work.

            But in the evening, he took the elevator to the 11th floor and then takes the stairs to his home. Why?                   

The answer of the riddle number 1 is : Dobby is too small to reach the button above the 11th

Tuesday morning & afternoon :

       Magic formula :

       I am composed of two words and one of them can be obtained by hurting with a sword.

The other is magic splendid and fantastic, if you remove the horn, miss Motté has it

 Answer n.2 : unicorn blood

      Classic riddle :

Three Muggles have a brother in common. They are not brothers or half-brothers. When this brother dies, the three Muggles have no brothers.

How is this possible ?

Answer n.3  The 3 muggles are women 

 Wednesday morning 

Myfirst is the mirror of the soul. My second is for princess a chance to find love happiness.

Answer n.4 : Toad's eye

Wednesday afternoon 

How many Polyjuice Potion drops Severus Snape can put in an empty pot?

Answer n.5 : one because once you drop even one potion it is not empty anymore 

The workgroup which will answers first will win 10 points rather than 5. Congratulation to the Marie Picquot's team which answers first and get 10 points !

Thursday morning 

first word : it's a component of your body but bad for you with electricity.

second word : it's a river of mythology, if you see the hell it is nearby. Also a personification, will you find this last ingredient to finish the potion ?

Answer n.6 : Lethe River Water 

Tuesday afternoon 

Ron : “ I can give the score of a Quidditch game before it starts and I'm never wrong “.

He is not clairvoyant so how does he do to success everytime?

 Answer n. 7 The score is always 0-0 before the begining of the game

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